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Facility Management
Maintenance Services
Environmental Services
Security Services
Catering and Hospitality Services
Cleaning Services
Waste Management Services
Grounds and Gardens Services
Painting Services
Laundry and Linen Services
Washroom Services

Cleaning Services


A rapid and effective response, a strict media planning and people and a system of value for money in terms of timing of implementation of the service, and means for cost reduction are the keys to our service

We offer a flexible workforce and local experience. (As we specialize in cleaning, know or have a linked approach + precise customer needs) Currently providing hygiene services to Different clubs and Nursing homes, Toongabbie Bowling club,
Ulladulla ex-servos club, Cabramatta Bowling Club, Multiple sclerosis Limited, Shopping centres and Government offices, with a national workforce Network we can tackle small domestic jobs to large complex buildings.

Maintenances Electrician

Thermographs have teams that allow us to certify the proper functioning of equipment evaluated and provide our customers with the information necessary to set the life of your equipment.

  • Maintenance work on networks of high and low voltage.
  • Supervision under the current regulation of the smooth operation of facilities, electrical panels and elements of final consumption.

Fire Systems

  • Maintenance and supervision for the proper functioning of facilities and final elements in accordance with current regulations.

We are familiar with the different autonomous management, which allows for adjustment to the needs of each client and performance improvement of facilities.

All minor repairs to facilities and equipment needed to maintain optimal functioning.

Pest control

IHS is a company dedicated to providing quality solutions, efficient and safe for any pest problems in residential or commercial establishment.

We guarantee our customers efficient methods of pest control, assisted with quality products that do not cause harm to the health of people, pets, food and environment, our suppliers are accredited and approved by each of the competent governmental authorities of the State, are selected with strict guidelines aimed at ensuring the welfare and comfort to our customers.

We are ready to respond to each of the needs and suggestions of our customers; we manage to offer a 100% reliable, secure and efficient.


IHS are responsible for providing Solutions constantly all plumbing problems that often occur in hydraulic and sanitary facilities in any kind of property.

We offer specialist for all types of plumbing, sanitation and natural rainwater.

We guarantee our customers a quality service, reliable and efficient 24 hours a day.


In the past our company has assisted clubs, Hotels and Restaurants operate different venues in NSW we specialise in Clubs and Hotels, Some of these had faced challenging situations in the running of their venues, Our Company has turned that situation around by improving the client flow and increasing membership.

Assisted thru our own independently run Marketing targets and promotions, we have given the restaurants Modern and improved images, tied exceptional Customer service. Some of these projects have involved minor adaptation to complete renovations of the restaurants.

We always adapt our services to our clients request working together with them to achieve their goals, adapting the Catering to fit the model the venue requires and wants to achieve, The teams specialise in types of food, from Mediterranean to Modern Australian and Modern Fusion and traditional Cuisine. They can provide quick and efficient service with outstanding attitude, coupled with the focus on excellent customer service; they will serve your members and guest for all the needs with professionalism. Following occupational health and safety measures All Staff is provided with continuous updates on ANZFA changes/issues. They are trained to follow relevant procedures that maintain all council requirements. Our head chefs are qualified trainer for food handling and food safety certifications, their understanding and knowledge of HACCP and all food standard issues and instruct all kitchen and floor staff.

Thru this experience in the Hospitality and Club Industry the company has been assisting clubs and Hotels to run bistros, A la Carte Restaurants, and brassieres for years and back up with the experience and savoir-faire of running a restaurant.

The company will run your venue with success and most importantly creating and generating better sales.

Supplies / Imports

We are able to supply Toiletries and air fresheners.

With a large network of suppliers in Asia, the company is ready to supply office furniture for all your company Needs, Competitive prices and efficient delivery times has given our company trust among our clients in d

We supply many Sectors of the Australian Market. From hospitality to offices, we stand ready to supply your company all the needs, our focus is to provide expedite services, from Small items to large equipments we confident we can solve the needs your business require, Integrity is at the heart of our business, we have Q A system to make sure that what you ordered is what you get. Our agents can take care of all the imports procedures, the shipment will arrive to your door as requested by you.

Gardening Maintenance

Keeping the Laws and Garden around your building takes times and effort, Our services can assist your business with an “on request� solution to your landscaping needs. Alternatively we can prepare a periodical routine for the maintenance to be done at a competitive cost to you. We have the equipment to tackle from the smallest of project to the largest. Our team is reliable honest and efficient, they will make sure your site looks at its best all the time.

Rubbish Collection

With a national network for collection our company has a number of solutions for your collection from cardboard to General waste and Green waste, we have the solutions to collect industrial and commercial waste from any site in Australia.

REVERSE e-waste - Your end-of-life Technology Partner

REVERSE e-waste helps business save money and reduce risk by removing unwanted e-waste from locations across greater Sydney and regional NSW. The costs of storing and managing non-performing technology assets pose a significant cost on business. REVERSE e-waste partners with organisations to re-use and recycle your unwanted technology and ensure that all processes are consistent with ISO certified best practices and are delivered under an environmentally friendly framework.

Information Security and Privacy Concerns:
For our clients who have sensitive data, our services encompass information purging and sanitisation to securely void any usable data. For Defence, Finance or Government clients, this is a vital piece of any risk management strategy.

Security - DSD, e-Health, NSW and Vic Privacy Laws
With newspaper headlines constantly alerting readers or browsers to the latest privacy breach, senior management must exercise much greater diligence in ensuring that client and employee data is purged from data storage devices. If this is performed by your staff it represents a significant opportunity cost because IT Professionals should be performing productive and revenue enhancing tasks.

Reduce data disclosure risk

For clients, this greatly mitigates the possible risk that potential data disclosure poses. Our clients demand that e-waste disposal is an integral part of any comprehensive risk management strategy.

Here is the commitment we make to our clients and partners;



REVERSE e-waste guarantee to honour our agreement with you by delivering what we promise within a mutually agreeable timeframe.


REVERSE e-waste will always act in a manner that brings respect and value to our business relationship.


At every phase of any business engagement, REVERSE e-waste commits to working diligently to ensure that the best interests of our clients and the environment are foremost in any deliberations