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Maintenances Electrician

Thermographs have teams that allow us to certify the proper functioning of equipment evaluated and provide our customers with the information necessary to set the life of your equipment.

  • Maintenance work on networks of high and low voltage.
  • Supervision under the current regulation of the smooth operation of facilities, electrical panels and elements of final consumption.

Fire Systems

  • Maintenance and supervision for the proper functioning of facilities and final elements in accordance with current regulations.

We are familiar with the different autonomous management, which allows for adjustment to the needs of each client and performance improvement of facilities.

All minor repairs to facilities and equipment needed to maintain optimal functioning.


IHS are responsible for providing Solutions constantly all plumbing problems that often occur in hydraulic and sanitary facilities in any kind of property.

We offer specialist for all types of plumbing, sanitation and natural rainwater.

We guarantee our customers a quality service, reliable and efficient 24 hours a day.

Here is the commitment we make to our clients and partners;



REVERSE e-waste guarantee to honour our agreement with you by delivering what we promise within a mutually agreeable timeframe.


REVERSE e-waste will always act in a manner that brings respect and value to our business relationship.


At every phase of any business engagement, REVERSE e-waste commits to working diligently to ensure that the best interests of our clients and the environment are foremost in any deliberations