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In the past our company has assisted clubs, Hotels and Restaurants operate different venues in NSW we specialise in Clubs and Hotels, Some of these had faced challenging situations in the running of their venues, Our Company has turned that situation around by improving the client flow and increasing membership.

Assisted thru our own independently run Marketing targets and promotions, we have given the restaurants Modern and improved images, tied exceptional Customer service. Some of these projects have involved minor adaptation to complete renovations of the restaurants.

We always adapt our services to our clients request working together with them to achieve their goals, adapting the Catering to fit the model the venue requires and wants to achieve, The teams specialise in types of food, from Mediterranean to Modern Australian and Modern Fusion and traditional Cuisine. They can provide quick and efficient service with outstanding attitude, coupled with the focus on excellent customer service; they will serve your members and guest for all the needs with professionalism. Following occupational health and safety measures All Staff is provided with continuous updates on ANZFA changes/issues. They are trained to follow relevant procedures that maintain all council requirements. Our head chefs are qualified trainer for food handling and food safety certifications, their understanding and knowledge of HACCP and all food standard issues and instruct all kitchen and floor staff.

Thru this experience in the Hospitality and Club Industry the company has been assisting clubs and Hotels to run bistros, A la Carte Restaurants, and brassieres for years and back up with the experience and savoir-faire of running a restaurant.

The company will run your venue with success and most importantly creating and generating better sales.