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All you need in one Company

We have highly qualified and reliable personnel, offering our customers the best and personalized attention.

IHSA is a company dedicated to providing comprehensive services to facilitate the operation and care of all properties located in Australia and surrounding Capital suburbs; we are a company with a reputation for reliability and trust, dedicated to offer a wide variety of services meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

We understand the importance of your business, shop, organisation or office, this is why, IHSA offers the best solutions for the care your infrastructure needs, we offer our experience, dedication and commitment, Granting quality and total satisfaction.

In house solutions has been giving business management assistance to many clients over the years, helping them to run their business more effectively, companies of all spectrum, from trade to large organisations. This has given us access and contacts to a wide network of industry that is now at your reach, allowing you to achieve your organisations goals and targets as you intended to do. In other words, you dedicate your time to your business while we take care of your site.


About Us

  • The professionalism of our managers
  • The human quality and integrity of our staff
  • Our commitment to client objectives
  • The development of tailored solutions and innovative
  • The company's solutions are always tailored to the needs and requirements of different customers.
  • Depending on the type of service and level of transfer has been given to AHCS, allows continuous monitoring of management